TAnana came up as a result of my pregnancy, which brought me a lot of free time and a strong desire to keep my mind busy in any activity besides walking. My mother decided to set up a Yarns store in the center of Granada in 2013, which seemed crazy to me at the time. I can’t believe how wrong I was! Little by little, I discovered that there was a whole world behind every skein and ball, and that knitting was not just a hobby for many, but a therapy.

After a lifetime watching my grandma knitting and many failed attempts from her to teach me due to my lack of interest, as soon as I grabbed my first needle, I could never let go of it.

During my pregnancy, I spent countless hours in that small store that, by the way, is called Lola & Punto, knitting with my mother and my grandma by my side. Three generations. And the fourth one on its way.

One day in the middle of the summer, I randomly said to my mother that maybe we could dye the skeins ourselves. That’s when it all began. Looking for wool and dye providers, learning the process, practicing, knitting, comparing results, setting up the website, social media…

That kept us busy all summer, because not only there was the three of us, but the whole family as well. My grandparents, “La Lola”, my wholehearted support Migue, little Gloria with her will to enter the World and me, María. We just needed the perfect name, and we discovered that “Tanana” described us perfectly. And as if there weren’t enough artists, my sister Paula started drawing the logo and “little” Fer became the messenger.

The end result of all those small pieces that made Tanana possible is that we really enjoy what we do, and that is dyeing.

This small family imprints all its love and creativity in each of those skeins.

That is why those are #LasLanasDeLaLola.

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