Ice Cream Sweater

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2 reviews for Ice Cream Sweater

  1. IRENE López de Goikoetxea

    Muy bonito

  2. Holly Simonette

    Love the sweater. Working on it now. I have questions about the pattern…
    At the beginning, 30 rows total, or 60 rows total before sleeves – increasing every other row.
    How many sleeve stitches need to go on holders before knitting body?

    • TAnana Yarns

      Hi Holly and thank you for your questions!
      In response to your first question, you have to knit 30 rows. About the sleeve stitches, you make 15 increases in each side so you will have 30 stitches in total.
      In case you need more stitches, you have to knit rows – increasing every other row until you get your measure.
      Hope this helps!

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