UBE Sweater


This design goes from a top to a t-shirt or a jumper depending on your style, your desire to wear it and the amount of silk you want to use. This pattern is explained step by step so that you can make your garment adapting it to your size, based on your chest circumference, and from there we will make it as long as you want, with sleeves, without them or with a short sleeve.

We will talk about different sizes:

Size 1 corresponds to size S/M or a circumference of 85-90 cm.
Size 2 corresponds to size L or a circumference of 95 cm.
Size 3 corresponds to a circumference of 100-105 cm.

Long sleeve, short or straps will be adapted to each one’s size.

– Top with straps or short sleeves.
• 1 skein of 100% Silk for size 1*.
• 2 skeins for sizes 2 and 3.

– Long sleeve top.
• 2 skeins of 100% Silk for sizes 1 and 2.
• 3 skeins for size 3.

Each skein used in the project is 100g/400m.

We will knit with 4 and 5mm crochet hooks. You will also need a knitting needle, markers and scissors.